Break down barriers and allow every student the opportunity to take the SAT and PSAT!! image

Break down barriers and allow every student the opportunity to take the SAT and PSAT!!

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The Need:

Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) is the fifth-largest school division in Virginia and the 67th largest in the country. This year over 20,000 students will qualify for Free and/or Reduced-price Meals and more families living just outside the federal requirement for Title I services, we know that there is not equal access to taking the SAT (the most widely recognized college admissions test). This is an equity issue for our school system and community as we believe that all students should have access to the future they desire.

Currently SAT testing is available at a cost of $49.50 per student. The tests are provided on predetermined Saturday mornings at approved testing sites in the community. The cost, transportation to the testing site and available weekend time for testing have been a barrier for many economically disadvantaged families. The CCPS plan removes these barriers by offering the test during regular school hours and at no charge to the student.

The Plan:

PSAT/SAT for ALL is designed to prepare all CCPS 8th grade students to have the high school experience that best matches their academic potential and, if desired, be prepared to pursue a college degree.

Beginning in the 2019/20 school year, CCPS will expand administration of the PSAT to all students in grades 8-10 (currently given to 9th & 10th grade students). Three years of annual testing with the PSAT will give our students an advantage over students nationally who have only had one or two years of preparation prior to taking the SAT.

Through student PSAT test results, school counselors will help students identify the highest levels of the CCPS curriculum appropriate for their academic achievement potential as well as identify career paths that align with student strengths. Schools will use the online Khan Academy to help prepare students for success on the PSAT & SAT tests.

The Outcomes:

Paradigm shift – providing equitable academic opportunities for all students.

Students better prepared to perform well on SAT resulting in enhanced scholarship opportunities.

Students able to take advantage of the highest level of CCPS curriculum (AP Coursework) as well as Career & Technical Education as strengths are identified by PSAT.

ALL students take the most recognized college entrance exam.

CCPS PSAT/SAT program will be a pilot program throughout the Richmond region.